The theme of this year’s conference is motivated by the increasing call for accountability in all areas of our profession.  From Common Core standards affecting all stake holders in K-12 education, to an increasing reliance on computerized, standardized testing in post-secondary contexts, how students are assessed is an issue of concern and debate.  In order to meet the needs of the changing English language learning population in Michigan, evaluating the form and function of ESL instruction and programs is critical.  The question of how our programs and teaching professionals can serve the changing needs of English language learners is one we frequently discuss.  Teachers are far from immune to the call for increased accountability.  In each of these realms, questions such as who should design the evaluation tools, following what standards, to be administered via what conduits, and to what effect, concern all of us.  MITESOL professionals are uniquely positioned to take part in this discussion.  TESOL professionals have long been at the forefront of second language teaching research and practices.  Assessment, on the other hand, is often mandated or imposed on students and teachers by administrations of local, state and federal institutions and agencies.  By asking the question, “How do we measure up?” this year’s conference seeks to engage all of us in the discussion surrounding these issues.

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