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  • 07/07/2014 7:50 AM | Pamela Bogart

    The University of Michigan-Flint seeks a full-time Language Assessment Specialist (Temp).
    Details are available at
    Online application is required. Applications are due by July 15, 2014
  • 06/30/2014 2:10 PM | Pamela Bogart

    CaMLA, a not-for-profit collaboration between the University of Michigan and the University of Cambridge in the field of language assessment, is looking for freelance speaking test examiners based in the Ann Arbor area. This is an excellent opportunity for ESL practitioners to gain insights and practical experience in the field of language assessment. 


    The Graduate Student Instructor Oral English Test is a performance test that assesses the English-language proficiency of prospective Graduate Student Instructors at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, whose undergraduate education was at an institution in which the language of instruction was not English. Each test takes approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. All examiners must participate in training and certification prior to administering tests. Examiners facilitate test administration in compliance with set CaMLA protocols, score candidate performance in accordance with set rating scale criteria, set up audio-recording equipment, pick up and return testing materials to CaMLA offices, and complete post-administration reports and paperwork.


    Examiners must be willing to commit to 2-hour testing blocks during regular office hours.  The majority of testing takes place in the following time periods:

    ·          August-September

    ·          November-December

    ·          March-May

    Desired Qualifications:

    ·          Master’s degree in TESOL, Language Testing, Linguistics, or a related field

    ·          3 years of experience teaching oral skills to ESL/EFL students in a higher education setting

    ·          3 years of experience assessing oral communication

    Desired Skills:

    ·          excellent language awareness and oral and written communication skills in English;

    ·          attention to detail;

    ·          flexibility; and

    ·          ability to work as a member of a team.

    Compensation: $20/test administration


    Training will begin as soon as possible, in time for the August test administration. For more information, please contact Kristin Erin Graw at

  • 06/29/2014 12:44 PM | Pamela Bogart

    The University of Michigan-Flint seeks a full-time English Language Program Instructor.

    Details are available at Online application is required. Applications are due by July 23, 2014.

  • 06/27/2014 10:51 PM | Pamela Bogart

    Community Literacy Assistant and Receptionist

    Part-time, Wednesday-Friday, 20 hours, administrative assistant position, pay range is $12.50-$18.14/hour.  Community Literacy Initiative and Literacy Center of West Michigan seek administrative support. Bilingual in Spanish. Minimum Associates Degree. Résumés accepted on or before July 11, 2014. Visit for details. 


    Full-Time Program Assistant: Customized Workplace English

    Full time (40 hours) administrative assistant position, starting at $12.50/hour. The Literacy Center of West Michigan seeks administrative support for the Customized Workplace English program. Bilingual in English/Spanish. Résumés accepted on or before July 11, 2014.

    Visit for details.


  • 06/16/2014 11:30 AM | Pamela Bogart

    A newly forming high school in China, Qingdao International Academy is in need of an ESL teacher willing to relocate to Qingdao China and be a member of the school advance team.

    Qingdao International Academy plans to operate as a sister school to International Academy in Oakland County MI and will be under the direction of Lambert Okma, founder/first principal of the International Academy.  Compensation will be by US standards. 

    Interested teachers should email Lambert Okma at We plan to locate the start-up team as early as August, 2014.

  • 05/20/2014 3:09 PM | Pamela Bogart
    We are soliciting resumes for the June/July 2014 term for ESL instructors at Language Center International. Classes meet Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 6:30. Our summer term, second session, runs from June 23-August.  I am interviewing for full and part-time openings. Our program has continued to expand, we have several instructors on leave for the June/July term and we are seeking additional instructors to add to our
    current staff.

    Full-time Positions Expanding ESL program:
    Applicants must have an MA degree or higher in ESL, English, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics or Foreign Languages and experience teaching ESL at a postsecondary level in a classroom environment. Additionally, applicants should possess a minimum of three months of full-time equivalent ESL or foreign language teaching experience or a certificate in teaching ESL or foreign language that includes a practice teaching component; experience instructing adult international students at a postsecondary level; native or near native abilities in English with minimal errors in writing and speaking; the ability to teach all subjects at all levels effectively; and excellent communication skills and knowledge of computer operations. Knowledge of a second language and overseas experience are preferable but not required.
    Starting salary $26,500 to $28,000 (based on experience) plus 100% employer funded health care for the instructor. Bonuses and pension plan are additional benefits.

    Part-time Positions Expanding ESL program:
    All applicants must have a minimum of a BA degree. Preference is given to applicants with an MA or higher in ESL, English, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics or Foreign Languages. Applicants without a degree in ESL should have a minimum of the equivalent of three months of full-time ESL teaching experience, or a certificate in teaching ESL or foreign language that includes a practice teaching component. All applicants should have experience working with adult international students; possess native or near native abilities in English with minimal errors in writing and speaking and have good communication skills and knowledge of computer
    operations. Knowledge of a second language and overseas experience are preferable but not required.

    New part-time instructors with a BA start at $22.00 per hour. MA instructors start at $23 to $25, depending on the assignment. Bonuses and pension plan are additional benefits.

    Please send a cover letter and resume to

    Jo-Len Braswell
    Language Center International
    24445 Northwestern Hwy Ste 209
    Southfield MI 48075
  • 05/07/2014 9:20 AM | Pamela Bogart
    From: Pati Baur <>; 
    Subject: English teacher needed in Saline 

    My name is Pati Baur and I work for Global LT,, a language training company.  Our company provides expatriates and their families with foreign language and English as a second language instruction around the world. 
    We are currently looking for an English teacher in Saline MI for a client of ours who would like their employee to receive English lessons.
    The Student would like to meet twice a week for 1hour on:
    Tuesday from 11:00 to noon and Friday from 13:00 to 14:00 at his offices on Platt Road.
    The student has an advanced English proficiency level and his native language is Japanese.
    He would like to commence classes as soon as possible. The duration of the class would be 3-5 months.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks
    Pati Baur
    Fax +001  (248) 786-0987

  • 05/06/2014 9:28 PM | Pamela Bogart

    The University of Michigan English Language Institute is seeking an instructor to teach a special pronunciation thread in the ELI 994 LSA ELI-CRLT GSI Course Summer 2014 term (July 23-August 14). The program starts Monday July 21 with a faculty training session.

    This ELI instructor will provide dynamic, engaging pronunciation workshops for students who are working on enhancing English for Graduate Student Instructor (TA) work. These workshops are typically one hour long, are frequently repeated as concurrent sessions, and are scheduled on about twelve of the fifteen days of the program. This instructor will also facilitate an initial Practice Teaching session to provide pronunciation feedback to graduate students, and may review video footage of subsequent practice teaching events to provide additional feedback and pronunciation coaching to individual students. Teaching special sessions on topics in other relevant areas of expertise may also be possible.

    For more information and to apply, see

    Applications accepted until 5/16/14. All applications must be submitted through the online jobs site,
  • 04/12/2014 9:51 PM | Pamela Bogart
    The English Language Institute at Wayne State University in Detroit is seeking three part-time instructors to teach in the summer session, June 16-August 8.  

    Responsibilities include teaching pre-academic ESL courses to intermediate and advanced level students. Classes will take place from 8:30am to 12:30pm, Mondays through Thursdays.

    The minimum requirement is an MA in TESOL (or a closely related field with a TESL Certificate).  IEP teaching experience preferred.

    For more information,  please contact Bruce Morgan, Director, (313-577-8072)
    To apply, please e-mail your CV and cover letter to
  • 04/09/2014 1:04 PM | Pamela Bogart

    All positions are filled. (4/21/14)

    The English Language Center at Michigan State University is looking for ESL professionals with MA TESOL or equivalent degrees to join our team of essay raters for our growing testing program.

    What:         Rate 125-200 essays; pay is HIGHLY competitive

    When:        June 2014

    How:          Online through a secure login from the ELC at MSU

    Test administration, essay rater orientation and essay rating are done under the supervision of Dr. Daniel J. Reed, Head of Testing and Certification for the English Language Center and Center for Language Teaching Advancement at Michigan State University.  ELC Writing Assessment Coordinator Andrew S. McCullough will conduct the rater orientation at the MSU campus for new raters on May 24, with recalibration (norming) for all raters online prior to rating the essays in June.  Once a rater has undergone orientation to our system, recalibration for each new rating session will be the only requirement.  Rating is performed online on your own computer.

    Our program is growing steadily!  This is your opportunity to earn extra cash, use your expertise to contribute to this exciting initiative at MSU, and build your résumé as an experienced test rater.

    If you are interested in rating essays, please email Andrew S McCullough at at your earliest convenience.  Please include an attachment of your résumé or CV.  A résumé is preferred.  Andy will contact you with details re: orientation and rating.  For further information, call him at 517-884-1506, or send an email.

    We’re looking forward to working with you!

    Note:  Essay rating takes place twice a year.  This ad is not for full time or part time positions, but rather to recruit experience ESL professionals to become part of an essay rating team that will be called upon on to rate essays twice a year, corresponding to test administration dates.  As stated above, this June 2014 opportunity would allow you to rate between 125 and 200 essays, depending on how many test-takers actually take the test and the size of our rater pool when we complete orientation and recalibration.  Thanks for your interest.

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