Support English as a Second/Other Language (ESL) learners in Genesee County!

08/27/2019 8:32 PM | Jennifer Musser
English as a Second/Other Language (ESL) Teacher
  • Position Type:
      Student Support Services
  • Location:
      Genesee Intermediate
  • Job Summary:

    The ESOL Program Teacher is responsible for English Learners (EL) in collaboration with local district and ESOL Program staff. The ESOL Program teacher provides direct, targeted English Development instructional services to K-12 EL in small groups or with individual students to help increase their overall achievement. The ESOL Program Teacher leads and models instructional practices with EL Facilitators to provide feedback and increase students’ quality of English Development and access to content.  

    Essential Duties (may include, but not limited to):

    1. Provides a welcoming and supportive climate to establish and reinforce acceptable behaviors and attitudes.
    2. Collaborates with local district and GISD ESOL Program staff.
    3. Articulates and supports implementation of effective English Learner instructional practices for both English development and access to content across grades K-12.
    4. Leads English proficiency goal setting and/or accommodations for planning and implementation.
    5. Plans, organizes and provides individual and/or group lesson plans and instruction aligned with the MI WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment) English Proficiency instruction Standards.
    6. Develops and uses instructional materials suitable for a learning environment for children with wide range of English proficiency levels, accommodations and/or instructional goals.
    7. Models and monitors effective instructional practices differentiated for English Learners.
    8. Administers academic and language assessments to evaluate student progress.
    9. Participates in meetings seeking to assist EL struggling academically or behaviorally.
    10. Maintains a routine schedule of observations, data collection, data input and interpretation.
    11. Participates in staff meetings.
    12. Participates in required professional development/learning.
    13. Consistently models Win-Win leadership.

  • Qualifications:

  • Education-
    Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred. A valid State of Michigan Teaching
    certificate required with an English as a Second Language or Bilingual endorsement.

  • Experience-
    A minimum of two (2) years’ work experience with English Learners (EL) preferred.

  • Skills/Other-
    Must have a valid Michigan driver license, current automobile insurance and the ability to travel to and from schools in the assigned geographical area. Evidence of strong interpersonal and problem solving skills. The ability to work in diverse settings and communicate effectively as a team member in collaboration with ESOL Program staff, local district leaders /instructional staff and parents/ communities. Evidence of accurate record keeping and data collection skills. Discretion with confidential information. Ability to utilize district technology, and work to maintain proficiency, as required skill sets change with technology and/or the needs of the district. Ability to articulate the WIDA English Proficiency Standards and assessments and speak to their application in the general education setting. Punctuality and good attendance are requirements for the position. Ability to work a flexible workday, work week, and work year. Fluency in a language other than English desired. Ability to fulfill responsibilities in accordance with program goals including documentation necessary to be in compliance with regulatory requirements specific to English Learners. Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and professionalism at all times. Ability to exercise good judgment and make decisions in accordance with board policies and administrative guidelines. 

  • Special Job Considerations:

    Certification- Required
    Type of Certification- Michigan Teaching Certificate with English as a Second Language Endorsement
    Bargaining Unit- None
    Salary Schedule- Contracted, full-time position, up to 200 days per year; 37.5 hours per week
    Immediate Supervisor- Assistant Superintendent of Education and Learning
    Supervision- Support staff in the assigned area

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