ELC at MSU seeks Essay Raters

04/17/2018 5:44 PM | Pamela Bogart

The English Language Center at Michigan State University is looking for ESL professionals with MA TESOL or equivalent degrees to join our team of essay raters for MSU’s English exams that are administered in Greece.

What: Rate approximately150-250 essays; pay is HIGHLY competitive

When: May-June 2018

How: Online through a secure login from the ELC at MSU (following initial training on the MSU campus in East Lansing)

An orientation for new raters will be conducted on the MSU campus on May 12, 2017.  All raters must complete online recalibration (norming) during the week of May 21, the week following orientation.  Rating will continue into June. Rating is performed online on your own computer.

If you are interested in this rating opportunity, please email Dr. Heekyoung Kim at msu-exams@elc.msu.edu by May 1, 2018.  Please include an attachment of your résumé or CV.  If you are selected, Dr. Kim will contact you with details re: orientation and rating.

Note:  Essay rating takes place twice a year.  This ad is NOT for full time or part time positions, but rather to recruit experienced ESL professionals to become part of an essay-rating team, some members of which will be called upon as needed to rate essays twice a year, corresponding to test administration dates.  As stated above, this opportunity could allow you to rate between 150 and 250 essays, depending on how many test-takers actually take the test and the size of our rater pool when we complete orientation and recalibration.  Raters must perform according to ELC standards in order to be considered for continuing rating opportunities. These standards include accurate rating and meeting deadlines.

Thanks for your interest!

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