Language Center International in Southfield seeks Curriculum & Assessments Administrator (full-time)

11/20/2017 7:28 PM | Pamela Bogart

Full-time position at Language Center International Southfield MI:

Curriculum and Assessments Administrator

Beginning January 2018.

General Description:  The Curriculum & Assessments Administrator oversees the curriculum for Language Center International and is responsible for selecting, ordering and administering the use of school materials.  This individual must work closely with all other administrators and be very knowledgeable about the standards, objectives, and assessment goals and criteria of the school so that curriculum aligns with assessments.  The Curriculum & Assessments Administrator makes recommendations for professional development as it pertains to the curriculum, monitors instructors’ adherence to the assigned curriculum, and solicits feedback from instructors each term.  In addition, the Curriculum & Assessments Administrator conducts classroom observations of instructors and has some teaching responsibilities.   Other responsibilities include participating in tutoring and extracurricular activities, helping to administer placement and end-of-term testing, assisting the front office on an as-needs basis, working with the School Director on accreditation tasks, and serving as the student Ombudsman. Employment is “at will” with no guarantee of continued employment.

Skills/Qualifications:  The Curriculum & Assessments Administrator must possess a high level of oral and written communication skills and very strong organizational abilities.  The ability to use databases, word processing programs and spreadsheets is essential.  A Master’s Degree from an accredited, approved institution of higher education in English as a Second Language, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Foreign Languages, Language Acquisition, Educational Administration, or other field appropriate for the instructional program(s) of the school is required together with two years experience teaching  English as a Second Language and working with international students. Prior supervisory experience is not required.


Specific duties and responsibilities, salary and benefits will be discussed prior to start of employment with applicants.


Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to

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