Language Center International in Southfield seeks ESL instructors.

08/02/2016 7:26 AM | Pamela Bogart

Language Center International (LCI) is located in Southfield, Michigan. 

We are soliciting resumes for our fall terms for ESL instructors at Language Center International due to relocation of current staff members. Please send a cover letter and resume to

Interviews starting August 16th

August/October 2016: Classes August 29-October 14

October/December 2016: Classes October 24-December 9

Full-time Position ESL program:

A full-time ESL instructor must possess a minimum of a Master’s Degree in one of the following fields: ESL, English, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Foreign Languages, Second Language Acquisition or other field appropriate for the instructional program(s) of the school together with experience teaching English as a Second Language in a classroom environment and working with adult international students at a postsecondary level. Non-native speakers of English must possess near native abilities in English with minimal errors in writing and speaking. All full-time instructors must have the ability to teach all subjects at all levels effectively. All full-time instructors must have excellent communication skills and knowledge of computer operations: e-mail, word processing, simple spreadsheets, Internet use. All full-time instructors must provide proof of educational qualifications, identity and eligibility to work in the United States.

Starting salary: $26,500. 

Health Insurance Available 

Paid vacation weeks in August and December 

Sick days and personal days

Bonuses and pension plan benefits.

Part-time Positions ESL program:

All applicants must have a minimum of a BA degree. Preference is given to applicants with an MA or higher in ESL, English, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics or Foreign Languages. Applicants without a degree in ESL should have a minimum of the equivalent of three months of full-time ESL teaching experience, or a certificate in teaching ESL or foreign language that includes a practice teaching component. All applicants should have experience working with adult international students; possess native or near native abilities in English with minimal errors in writing and speaking and have good communication skills and knowledge of computer operations. Knowledge of a second language and overseas experience are preferable but not required.

New part-time instructors with a BA start at $22.00 per hour. MA instructors start at $23. Bonuses and pension plan are additional benefits. 

Instructors paid for school cancellation days and national holidays during a term.


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