Detroit Public Schools seeks Director, English Language Learning Program

10/08/2015 1:13 PM | Pamela Bogart

Detroit School District

Office of Talent Acquisition


Director, English Language Learning Program

Detroit Public Schools invites qualified and interested candidates to apply for the position of Director, English Language Learning Program.

Detroit Public Schools is undergoing an unprecedented transformation to establish Detroit Public Schools as a high-quality education option of choice for families city-wide.  The district is in the process of streamlining and transforming its central office into a customer service-oriented organization that is 100% focused on supporting schools and ensuring they are well-equipped to provide all students with a high-quality education.  Detroit Public Schools (DPS) is seeking to hire individuals who are excited by the opportunity to improve education for the students of Detroit.                       


The Director, English Language Learning Program, is responsible for ensuring that English Language Learners, immigrant students and their families receive access to rigorous instruction and holistic support that will prepare them for college and lifelong success. S/he will provide strategic guidance over curriculum standards, content and materials for English Language Learners and over the design and supply of professional development content that meets the needs of ELL/Bilingual instructors across the District. S/he will also develop evaluation standards for ELL/Bilingual instructors.

SALARY RANGE: $74,838.60 - $90,399.60


Please visit our online application system to submit your resume, cover letter and references today. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Under the direction of the Executive Director, Curriculum:

  • Develop and oversee a curriculum implementation plan for English Language Learners that leverages the Networks to support curriculum implementation in all Detroit schools
  • Determine how to best adjust ELL curriculum implementation while maintaining high academic expectations
  • Ensure in close collaboration with the Networks that school instruction aimed at ELL students is aligned with Common Core State Standards
  • Critically evaluate current curriculum materials aimed at ELL students and make strategic decisions in conjunction with Networks about retaining, adjusting or investing in new materials that will best position the district to make dramatic student achievement gains
  • Develop training materials for school-based staff on how to select more rigorous essential content for lesson and unit plans to raise academic expectations for students
  • Assess curriculum implementation at the school level and make adjustments on an ongoing basis to align with improving student achievement
  • Develop or revise curriculum and pacing guides as necessary
  • Facilitate the analysis of ELL student achievement data at the school, Network and Central Office levels and facilitate appropriate responses to deficits in student skills
  • Work closely with Network and the ED of Curriculum to develop assessment plans
  • Support Networks in identifying, developing and using formative and summative assessments for ELL students and evaluating assessment purchases for use in the classroom
  • Develop indicators, rating profiles and other related tools that allow educators to self-assess (and school leaders to ascertain) if instruction is moving toward higher levels of critical thinking and procedural skills to include a greater focus on conceptual understanding and real world applications of learning
  • Work with Networks to develop professional development plans for ELL/Bilingual instructors
  • Coordinate Professional Development for ELL/Bilingual instructors including, but not limited to, English Language Development Standards, Researched-Based Best Practices and strategies to address the needs of ELL students
  • Support Professional Development for World Language Teachers along with the World Languages Program Supervisor
  • Facilitate professional learning communities as requested by networks/ schools
  • Lead and coordinate all bilingual education programs, including After School and Summer School Programs and World Language Program
  • Manage department grants in coordination with the Office of State and Federal Programs
  • Manage federally funded budgets including, but not limited to: Title III-Limited English Proficient Students; Title III – Immigrant students; Title I, Part C – Migrant school Year, and Summer School Year, and Section 41
  • Coordinate and collaborate with Central, Network and School staff to ensure that support for ELL students and families meets their needs and is compliant with local, state and federal guidelines
  • Facilitate communications across the District for ELL and immigrant students, their families and school and district administrators
  • Research cutting-edge instructional trends and best practices from national, state and local school districts and charter schools to identify new, innovative strategies to improve the quality of ELL instruction in Detroit’s schools
  • Additional duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Director, Curriculum


Ideal candidates will demonstrate the following:

·       Demonstrated track record of success in:

o   Leading, inspiring, motivating and involving others in the creation of quality learning and work environments for students and staff

o   Leading strategic educational initiatives

o   Leading and supporting significant cross-functional initiatives in diverse and complex organizational settings

o   Coalition and relationship building across a diverse group of stakeholders

·       Superior management skills including ability to develop a vision and influence and motivate others to achieve outstanding results

·       Exemplary multicultural interpersonal skills to support and collaborate with a diverse staff and multicultural communities

·       Creative and out—of-the-box thinking

·       Able to work independently and manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously

·       Strong presentation skills with the ability to deliver technical assistance in a form understood by stakeholders

·       Integrity and clarity in all communications and interactions

·       Customer orientation: Able to take care of customer needs while following company procedures

·       Flexible, optimistic approach: committed to overcoming challenges; comfortable with change and ambiguity

·       Able to thrive in a fast-paced and achievement-oriented environment

·       Strong problem-solving and project management skills

·       Demonstrated ability to learn quickly and take initiative

·       Willingness to go above and beyond to contribute to the success of a dynamic team committed to a new future for Detroit education

·       Personal alignment with the District’s mission, vision and core values

·       Strong presentation skills with the ability to deliver training and technical assistance in a form understood by stakeholders


·       Knowledge of various evidence-based instructional coaching approaches and design of professional development

·       Bilingual fluency (English, plus one of the major languages spoken by students in the District) and the ability to communicate cross-culturally


  • Master’s degree in Bilingual Education from an accredited college or university required


  • Minimum of two (2) years successful administrative experience, managing staff with diverse skills and backgrounds
  • Administrative, curriculum, instruction, site-based improvement, program and professional development expertise relating to Bilingual and Migrant Education
  • Knowledge about planning, staff development, accreditation, Title III LEP/Immigrant and Migrant development and management and Title III requirement guidelines.






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