ELI at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor seeks pronunciation teacher for three-week summer intensive

05/06/2014 9:28 PM | Pamela Bogart

The University of Michigan English Language Institute is seeking an instructor to teach a special pronunciation thread in the ELI 994 LSA ELI-CRLT GSI Course Summer 2014 term (July 23-August 14). The program starts Monday July 21 with a faculty training session.

This ELI instructor will provide dynamic, engaging pronunciation workshops for students who are working on enhancing English for Graduate Student Instructor (TA) work. These workshops are typically one hour long, are frequently repeated as concurrent sessions, and are scheduled on about twelve of the fifteen days of the program. This instructor will also facilitate an initial Practice Teaching session to provide pronunciation feedback to graduate students, and may review video footage of subsequent practice teaching events to provide additional feedback and pronunciation coaching to individual students. Teaching special sessions on topics in other relevant areas of expertise may also be possible.

For more information and to apply, see http://umjobs.org/job_detail/95592/.15_summer_intermittent_lecturer_lsa_eli-crlt_gsi_course

Applications accepted until 5/16/14. All applications must be submitted through the online jobs site, http://umjobs.org/job_detail/95592/.15_summer_intermittent_lecturer_lsa_eli-crlt_gsi_course.
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