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February 2019 Updates

Promoting Equity and Excellence:

What can we do to promote greater equity and excellence in our practice?

  1. Social Class and Teacher Identity in English ClassesHow do non-nativeness, social class identity and teacher privilege affect classrooms? How can we use our power in a positive way?

  2. Rethinking the Concept of English-only Classrooms: How can we make colleagues aware that enforcing English-only classrooms can be considered a micro- aggression?

  3. Safe Spaces & Trigger Warnings vs. Academic Freedom, Free Speech & Informed Debate:

    How can we manage the tension in the debate on academic freedom & free speech

    vs. emotional discomfort & micro-aggression?

  4. Enrollment & Immigration: How can we calm students over Trump’s immigration rhetoric? What effects are you seeing at your institution?

Past Post-Secondary SIG Meetings (PDFs)

2018: Minutes

2017: Minutesreferences handout
2016: Minutesreferences handout
2015: Minutes, references handout

Academic Publishing

Do you know how to avoid predatory journals? How does your institution rank journals? Do you have tips on getting published?

Be extra careful of the following:

  • unsolicited email invitations to publish your work
  • emails that your institution identifies as possible SPAM
  • claims to have your work published in three months or less
  • requirements that authors must pay a fee to have their work published


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