Important Notice About SCECHS for the MITESOL Conference

10/04/2015 11:03 AM | Josie Gruber (Administrator)

The MDE is merging the Secure Central Registry (SCR) with MOECS (Michigan Online Educator Certification System)

This process began on August 1st and should be completed around the end of this calendar year. 

What does this mean?

Only persons that have been issued a certificate or license from the MDE will be able to have their SCECHs uploaded to the Secure Central Registry (SCR) and your PIC number will now be required in order to have your SCECHs uploaded.  You must have your PIC number to complete all forms at the Conference.

If you don’t know your PIC number and you have an account in MOECS, just log into your account ( and in the manage demographics area look just above the education history section.


If you don’t have a MOECS account yet, go to and in the login box choose “Create a MEIS account”.  Once you get the required information entered, print out your confirmation page for future use.  Follow the instructions to create your MOECS account and then after you update and save your demographic information, select manage demographics from the left navigation menu.  Your PIC number will be located above the education history section.

The user name and password that you use to create your MEIS account will be used to access MOECS.

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