Call for Proposals for MITESOL 2014

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Expanding our Perspectives: From the classroom to the community

October 17-18

Grand Valley State University

Grand Rapids

Michigan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages invites professionals involved with English language learners to submit proposals for our annual conference, to be held October 17th & 18th, at Grand Valley State University’s Eberhard Center, in downtown Grand Rapids.

The theme of this year’s conference, Expanding our Perspectives: From the Classroom to the Community, seeks to broaden our scope, to address the increasingly diverse needs of our membershipundefinedincluding those of our traditional constituents (in elementary, secondary, and post- secondary contexts), and those of professionals working in the many community-based and government-funded adult education programs across the state. This latter group serves a growing population of ESL studentsundefinedprimarily immigrants and refugeesundefinedwho often have limited formal schooling and little or no print literacy. Referred to by the acronym LESLLA (low-educated second language and literacy acquisition)undefinedor, for adolescents, SLIFE (students with limited or interrupted formal education)undefinedthese learners face the daunting task of acquiring another language while simultaneously learning how to read and write for the first time. This profile presents unique challenges for educators, administrators, and researchers alike.

MITESOL 2014 invites proposals related to all aspects of ESL/ELL/EAL in diverse contexts, including recent research, best practices, standards-based instruction, assessment, language policy & advocacy, CALL, program administration, and professional development. In keeping with this year’s theme, we especially welcome proposals focusing on ESL among low-educated, low-literate adolescents and adults (including immigrants and refugees)undefinedand the programs, policies, and pedagogies that serve them.

Proposals are being accepted for the following formats:

Paper (50 minutes)undefinedAn oral summary, with occasional reference to notes, visuals, etc.
Teaching Demonstration (50 minutes)undefinedA session that shows and explains a technique for

teaching or tutoring.
Panel Discussion (50 minutes)undefinedA structured, facilitated discussion of a hot topic in

TESOL. Panelists should have a strong knowledge of the topic.
Workshop (90 minutes)undefinedA structured, hands-on professional development activity.
Exhibitor Session (50 minutes)undefinedA showcase for new teaching materials and resources. The presenter must register as an exhibitor.

Proposals must be submitted through MITESOL’s online conference proposal system by

Monday, July 14, 11:59 pm EDT. Please refer to the guidelines below for detailed instructions.



Before Going to MITESOL’s Online Conference Proposal System

MITESOL conference proposals require a title, 300-word abstract, and 50-word summary. Before entering the online system, prepare each of these items, following the directions presented below. Save them in an MS Word document, from which you can later copy text (to paste into the online system).

Title (100-character limit)

Create a title for your session that is descriptive and will solicit appropriate audience(s). Length: 100 characters, including spaces, maximum

Abstract of Session (300-word limit)

Clearly describe the purpose and main content of your proposed session. Abstracts should show evidence of current practices/theory/research, and be thorough, well organized, and well written. This will be read by reviewers. Length: 300 words, maximum.

Summary of Session for Conference Program (50-word limit)

Write a clear, succinct summary of your proposed session for publication in the conference program. This will be read by conference attendees. Length: 50 words, maximum.

Access the Online Proposal System:

Go to the online proposal system

When you are *in* the Online Proposal System:

Once you are in the system, you will be required to complete the following tasks:

1. Register with a Username Only the primary author for each proposal must register in the online system, which entails creating a username and password. Notification of acceptance will be emailed to primary authors.

You should receive the following message after completing the registration process:

“You have successfully joined the system as a user. Your username and password have been emailed to you for your reference. Use this information to log in to the system. . .”

NOTE: Primary authors can add co-presenter(s) to a proposal using the “Add User” function; however, co-presenters themselves need not register or create usernames.

2. Title You will be asked to enter your session title ( 100 characters, including spaces). 

3. Audience & Area of Interest You will be asked to indicate the area of interest and

intended audience for your proposed presentation, via two drop-down menus.

a. First Drop-down Menu Select ONE area of interest that best matches the focus of your proposal:


Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Immigrant, Migrant, & Refugee Concerns

Instruction, Curriculum, Materials

Policy & Advocacy

Professional Development

Program Administration


Special Education & ESL

Teaching Content Area Teachers to Teach English (TCATTE)

b. Second Drop-down Menu Select ONE learning context that best matches the focus of your proposed session:

Choices in Second Drop-down Menu

Adult Education (community, religious, or govt-funded; includes LESLLA)

College or University

Intensive English Program


W orkplace

Not Applicable (learning context & learner age = irrelevant)

4. Proposal Type You will be asked to indicate the type of proposal you are submitting.

5. Abstract of Session You will be asked to enter your 300-word abstract.

6. Presentation Summary You will be asked to enter your 50-word summary.

7. Equipment/Technology Needs All rooms come equipped with a desktop PC with CD/DVD player and a PC-compatible projection system. Presenters are responsible for bringing their own laptop computers, power cords, andundefinedfor Apple-usersundefinedprojection adaptors. You will be asked to specify any additional needs you may have. Please limit your requests to only those items that are essential for your presentation.

8. Submitting Your Proposal Once you click “submit,” you will not be able to edit/make changes to your proposal.

Acceptance decisions will be emailed to primary authors by the end of August.


If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help with the 2014 Conference, please contact us. (Include “MITESOL” in the subject line of your message).

For Proposal inquiries: Colleen Brice, Conference Chair

For Proposal inquiries: Heidi Enck, Communications Coordinator

For Proposal inquiries: Jane DeGroot, Membership Coordinator

For Proposal inquiries: Sharon Pearce, Exhibits Manager 

Click here to download the above information in PDF form.

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