Format Expectations for Different Types of Submissions

Research Papers

Research Papers are primarily quantitative research, qualitative research, mixed methods, descriptive studies, pilot studies, or action research studies.

Word range: 5000 to 7000 (including footnotes and appendices, but excluding references).

Sections Needed:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Method
  • Participants
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion/implications/limitations/further research (as appropriate)
  • References

Example of a Research Paper (Pearson & Spoelhof, 2006)

Issues in TESOL

Issues in TESOL manuscripts may provide a new perspective on an important or controversial issue in TESOL or explore areas that do not fit into the Research Paper or Researched-Based Teaching Techniques category.

Word Range: Up to 5000 words

Sections Needed:

  • Abstract
  • Clearly articulated issue
  • A rationale for why this issue is important in the field
  • Brief history of the issue and literature to contextualize it
  • Brief discussion of alternative views on the issue
  • Exploration of issue, including strengths/weaknesses of argument being made by the author
  • Concluding statements
  • References

Example of Issues in TESOL paper (Bogart, 2007)

Research-Based Teaching Techniques

Submissions of this type are research-based discussions of unusual or new teaching methods and/or pedagogy.

Word range: up to 5000 words

Sections Needed:

  • Abstract
  • Skill/sub-skill being targeted
  • Age/proficiency level appropriate to method
  • Theoretical and/or research background supporting method
  • Clearly articulated goals
  • Objectives
  • Procedures
  • Assessment (where appropriate)
  • Evaluation, limitations, implications for future study (as appropriate)
  • References

Example Research-Based Teaching Techniques (Caplan, 2007)

Book or Materials Reviews

Book or Materials Reviews are short reviews of recently published (in last three years) books or materials (including textbooks, software, and audio materials).

Word Range: 800-1000 words

Sections Needed:

  • Brief, (50 words or so) interest-grabbing opening paragraph with an opinion or salient feature about the book/materials.
  • Brief description/summary of the material(s), including its intended audience
  • A description of the students with whom you used the materials (if relevant)
  • The strengths of the materials
  • The weaknesses of the materials and how those might be remedied
  • Comparisons to other texts (if relevant)
  • References to research to help explain the author’s approach or purpose or to support your analysis of the text (only a few, though)

Additional Formatting Guidelines for Submission Information for Book/Material Reviews:

  • Format as required for all MITESOL Journal submissions; however, instead of an abstract, include the following information on the cover page:
    • Complete title of the book/material reviewed (with edition number)
    • Complete names of all authors of the materials reviewed
    • Publisher, publisher’s city and state, date of publication.

Send submission files electronically to:

Dawn Evans:

Submissions Editor, MITESOL Journal: An Online Publication of MITESOL

Grand Valley State University

Be sure to follow submissions guidelines carefully.

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